Mission statements

Felix Gutzwiller

"In view of the raising cost of health care in all industrialized countries, the main challenge is maintaining high quality services and at the same time controlling further cost increases. Health technology is a decisive tool in this process."

MD, Dr. PH, Professor and Chairman
Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine
University of Zurich

Member of the Swiss Parliament

Fred Paccaud

"Technology assessment in health care is a crucial element of improving healthcare by insuring that health services do more good than harm. It is also a political and economic necessity. It is an economic necessity in order to insure that ineffective and/or harmful services do not consume scarce ressources. It must also be considered a political necessity if we want to guarantee a rational management of our health care system on the basis of sound evidence."

Professor, MD, Director and Chairman
Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine
University of Lausanne

Gianfranco Domenighetti

"The near future will be the time of "tragic choices" due to the impossibility to put into the "universal" social insurance all health technology devices and services proposed by the market and promoted by the media. Health Technology Assessment will be the decisive tool to evaluate what kind of, how many and at what price new techniques and services will be effective and efficient to meet the requirements of health problems at the individual and social level."

Professor, Economist and Chairman
of Sezione sanitaria (Cantonal Health Office)
of Canton Ticino, Bellinzona