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Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research

The Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research (SAKK) has committed itself to conducting clinical cancer trials as a non-profit organization. It is our goal to investigate new cancer therapies and to improve existing tumor treatments, taking into account all available treatment options, in order to cure the disease or to at least increase survival and life quality of patients suffering from cancer. Research is conducted through a national network and in cooperation with centers and study groups abroad.

Switzerland’s federal government supports SAKK with a subsidy. The goals SAKK has to reach are subject of a performance agreement between SAKK and the Swiss State Secretariat for Education and Research.
SAKK provides cancer patients in Switzerland with the opportunity to receive treatment within the framework of a clinical study. However, SAKK studies are not more research: With our work we have a substantial share in the quality assurance of cancer treatments and the practice of evidence-based medicine. 

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