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Structural and process enhancements-WIG


Financing systems (out-patient and in-patient)

Quality management


Structural and process management (patient and treatment paths, health care processes)


Evaluation of the situation concerning medical expertises in Switzerland (Schweizerischer Versicherungsverband, Swiss Insurance Medicine, Netzwerk Gesundheitsökonomie Winterthur und Suva)

Development of a competency center for palliative care at Zurich University Hospital

Evaluation of EBM teaching at Winterthur Cantonal Hospital

Project support and development of an operational concept for the Winterthur Regional Mobile Palliative Care Team

Preliminary design study to develop guidelines for dealing with anterior cruciate knee ligament ruptures (Netzwerk Gesundheitsökonomie Winterthur)

Reorganization of a physiotherapy unit in a cantonal hospital



Winterthur Institute of Health Economics
(ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences)
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